Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Thought Spring had sprung; instead it sprung a prank and snowed this morning. Ahh, well, I had cuppa jo this a.m. with my good friend, Terry Myers. We hadn't talked in a while and Terry beat me tot he punch to reconnect. Terry is a process management and strategic planning consultant at his firm 3-DLLC, and adjunct professor of management at Drake University (where I returned to school a few years ago for an MBA). Terry has a new venture going with Tom Steen and Barry Pace. They are offering their extensive management experience to businesses in need of turn around or transition assistance. These guys are problem solvers and action-takers. They offer down-to-earth experience, especially in process and manufacturing management, and a positive, forward-looking approach to doing business. We hope to collaborate on small to medium size businesses in need of capital for growth, what I like to call entrepreneurial finance. Stay connected. Stay tuned.

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