Monday, April 14, 2008

Kissin' frogs

If you are going to network, and who doesn't these days, you better keep your stuff up to date. I was just about to sit down to lunch with Rotary colleagues (yes, Rotary, an organization of people who make things happen)when a long time friend asked what I was up to. When I told him he mentioned an opportunity that had opened up at his organization and encouraged me to get a proposal, in IMMEDIATELY. Well, I keep a couple versions of my c.v. and business description handy, but I had not looked at them months. As a result, I spent a hectic Thursday afternoon updating them, and an even more hectic Friday morning playing catcht up.

Now, the opportunity arose someplace I should have been watching, but that's okay; networking lead me to it anyway, but I was not ready to pounce (like those AT&T commercials, my moment might have come...and gone to somebody else). Too often small businesses prepare one pitch, practice one approach, and then whiff when a chance comes in from left field. Consider modularizing your marketing materials; keep several c.v.s, each tailored for a different audience, up to date; have your advisors review them (you must have some advisors), and maintain a ready short list of references. Update everything regularly; add new deals; refer to new publications or white papers; drop old or irrelevant items.

This is not rocket science, but how many of you are ready? I tell clients that they will kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince. To borrow from the Boss, you better put your makeup on and fix your hair up never know when your prince might come and take you to Atlantic City.

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