Wednesday, June 03, 2015

1 Million Cups better than caffeine

Enjoyed great community & conversation at 1 Million Cups DSM this morning. Presenter was no-show. WTF? So Ben M, the host with the most @benovator, asked me to present briefly on the cool things we are doing at Drake. Positive vibe and I collected a fistful of cards from people who want to help us take @E'shipDrake to a higher level. Ya gotta love this neighb!

Des Moines Hell Yes!

@settledin co-founders Brayton and Lexie taking in the scene

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Ideas are S**t

Day more step closer to the edge...
Been thinking a lot lately about how best to conduct classes in entrepreneurship.  I resist saying I "teach e'ship" as a way to fend off the inevitable retort:  "How do you teach that?" or "Yo u can't teach someone to be an entrepreneur."  I like what I've seen so far from Trevor Owens and his Lean Startup Machine team.  Also Gary Vaynerchuck and his many great tips and spot on t-shirts, especially the one that says "Ideas are Shit."