Thursday, February 25, 2010

Color me convinced

I sat in on a BizTactical session this morning, hosted by Doug Mitchell at Iowa EntreFest. Doug invited Adam Steen, 25 Connections (and Adam finally has a good intro for his own sales and marketing biz)and me to meet with Cathy Bormann to discuss her new business, Homestyles Staging and Redesign. Doug "broadcast" our session via UStream, a very cool live-streaming service. Cathy is impressive; I like here poise and her business. We gave her some very good advice; I'll be surprised if we don't hear a lot more about her as she grows her business. Also, UStream is an example of a critical piece of what I call the omni-media puzzle. That is, entrepreneurs must be willing and able to present their stories across media platforms; they must be agnostic as to media. More on this later, check out the video below; listen, laugh, learn.