Friday, March 14, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes

Virtually lost in the hubbub over Elliot "My lips say 'Yes,' but my body says 'No'" Spitzer was the announcement by Admiral Willam Fallon of his retirement form the Navy and as Commander of CENTCOM. He was a Big Dog (still is in my book). Spoke truth to authority. Differed with his boss, the Commander-in-Chief (funny thing that Constitution requiring civilian control of the military). As a manager I often hoped somebody, anybody, would disagree with me. I needed the check; I wanted the other points of view; I did not want to roam down the street naked for all to see, but none to say. He may have gone too far In talking to an Esquire journalist, but nothing reported there was unreasonable or wrong to my eye. I'm glad he is on our side. I'm glad he noticed the Emperor's new clothes were a tad scanty.

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