Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client 9

So I'm at lunch with my bride (of 21 years) yesterday; she having just returned from a Florida visit with our college freshman daughter who was visiting my father, and the phone rings (loudly). It's our daughter checking to make sure Mom had gotten home okay and to alert us to the breaking news that Elliot "Mr. Clean" Spitzer was about to address the press in the face of late-breaking allegations of involvement in a prostitution ring.

Like Rudy G, another New York prosecutor, Sptitzer, aka Client 9, was particularly aggressive in the way he handled accusing and prosecuting alleged wrongdoers. Some of them were actually doers of wrong, but some, especially under Rudy were not; many of his attempts to prosecute people on Wall St. were thrown out, but not until after he had ruined people's lives. So what?
So, I asked my Dad how my 18 year-old daughter was reacting. She asked why Spitzer would do something like that. Dear Dad responded "Because he was horny!...Sheesh, it's been going on since Antony and Cleopatra, Clinton and Monica, Adam and Eve. And Eve started it."

Some blog recently asked if readers could name the two presidents who had not had affairs or divorces or something like that. Two!? We should hold them to a higher standard.

I haven't had a chance to follow up with my daughter, but I will always remember that she sent then Pres. Clinton a handwritten note at the beginning of his tribulations saying: "Dear President Clinton, I believe you." I can never forgive him for letting her down. After seeing the undisguisable look of anguish on Silda Spitzer's face, will the people of New York forgive Spitzer? Would you?

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