Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mourning and celebrating

We gathered yesterday to remember and mourn Mike Brown, husband, father, outdoorsman. The Rev. Jim Wallace presided over the service. Despite, or perhaps because of, the ponderous sadness and confusion wrought by Mike taking his own life, Jim eloquently provided comfort and solace to the many friends and family in attendance. Referring to a prayer form the Anglican Church, he suggested that we "let not the manner of his death cloud the good memories of his life." While I struggle with faith constantly, I took great comfort in Jim's words and in the notion that we are all members of a greater community.

Then today, I watched a young man, younger than me anyway, ascend to the highest office in our land. President Obama (still hard to fasthom the meaning of those words) eloquently acknowledged the honor and duty bestowed on him while admonishing all of us that we must do our part to lift the burdens of these times. Again, I take great comfort in the sense of community. I really believe we can overcome; we can not only endure, but prevail and prosper.

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